Canon video settings

Looking at ways to achieve the best capture quality from my cameras for a music video shoot I have in a few weeks time, the following tips and videos are helping me shape my style for the final footage. I have posted them below as a reference for myself should I need to revisit them again. 

I viewed the following three videos and found them very informative. 

Adobe recently updated their various software offerings, one of the most useful updates to Premiere is auto colour in this video Peter McKinnon explains how it is used and how much time it can save editors when using footage from different cameras or filmed under different lighting conditions. 

Below are screen grabs of the settings I have applied to my Canon 5D Mk IV

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A very informative video about white balance and exposure. 

How to shoot in various framerates but edit them all in 24FPS. 

Import all clips into Premier, select all video clips, right click on one of the clips and in the drop down dialogue box select Modify>Interpret Footage.

In the dialogue box that opens change “Use frame rate from file” to ” Assume this frame rate”. Then type in 23.976 for the fps then click OK.

All frame rates will now say 23.976fps

Post Techniques

The following two videos explain multi cam settings in Premier CC

This video shows you how to create a cinematic template for your wide screen productions. Skip to 3.00 in the video to get to the required information.

This video is aimed at wedding editors but the use of the short cuts and how to colour code different aspects of the video might prove very useful. 

This video explains how to create your own LUT’s by using some free software and Lightroom.  

Editing in Prem CC can be very slow, especially when dealing with very large files such as 180 or 4K. 

This video tutorial shows you how to create proxy files to speed up editing, he also explains about native frame rates. 

Output Settings

This video gives an in-depth view on what settings should give you the maximum quality on YouTube.

The link below goes to a page created by YouTube which lists their optimal settings for video rendering for files that will be uploaded to their platform.