Kodak ColourPlus


After shooting with some Black and White Ilford HP5 Plus with an ISO of 400 I decided to try some colour exposures. I purchased a few rolls of Kodak ColorPlus with an ISO of 200 for outside and flash use and also I have some Fujifilm X-TRA with an ISO of 400 for more general use. I wanted to use the ISO 200 speed to get finer grain prints.

What I found interesting about film is how it slow you down as a photographer, it makes you think about every shot and if you actually need to press that shutter button, It also makes you think about the exposure, aperture and what you want the image to look like, knowing you only have 24 exposures and each one is going to cost you time and or money to develop and print really focuses your mind, I decided to go to the Black Country Living Museum  Where I have been a few times with my digital camera and shot many hundreds of stills there.

After spending arounf four hours there I found I had actually shot only 12 frames on my SLR where you could have added a zero after that if I had used my DSLR body.


Here are the 12 images.

cnv00024 cnv00023 cnv00022 cnv00021 cnv00020 cnv00019 cnv00018 cnv00017 cnv00016 cnv00015 cnv00014 cnv00013

The problem also with film is that you can not view your images until you finish the roll and then get them developed, we are so used to getting instant gratification in this day and age with a little screen on the back of our device to see the picture we have just taken. A few days later I had to go to do some work in Stroud, Gloucestershire. On the way down I stopped off at Gloucester Historic Docks.

During my time there I made eight exposures.

cnv00011 cnv00012 cnv00010 cnv00009 cnv00008 cnv00007 cnv00006 cnv00005

You will note that the 6th and 7th image are of the same thing, for a split second I forgot I was using a film camera and made two exposures, which wasted a shot and cost me money for what is pretty much the same image. This took my film roll to shot 20 leaving 4 shots on my roll of 24.

I decided to return to the BCLM to take a few more images and to hopefully complete my roll, though I was resolute I did not want to just shoot anything and wanted to capture shots that I wanted, the last four images are below.

cnv00004 cnv00003 cnv00002 cnv00001

Once I had completed the roll I had to wait a few days before I was able to take it to get it developed. Today (10/11/16) I managed to get in to Wolverhampton and took my film to Max Spielmann and requested an hour processing time and an extra CD of the images also. All of the above images were taken from the CD provided with no subsequent editing from myself.

The prints were 5×8’s and I was happily surprised by the quality of the images as in sharpness, colour balance and exposure. On the CD they put two folders one for low resolution and one for high, though I feel even the high resolution are not very large file sizes so I might use the enclosed negatives to re-scan them myself in college.

As part of the current photography project I hope to use digital and film and use both disciplines to produce work for my portfolio.