Creating an event graphic for The Kingsford

As part of my website and venue promotion, I will make slides that can go on the website, be printed for notice and information boards and be broadcast from the venues large TV screen.

Bellow is an example of how I made these images.

 This is the final result, for an event taking place on Saturday 4th March. The information is kept to a minimum as the viewer would be reading this in passing so needs to digest the critical information (when, where, who, what).






As a member of graphic stock, I decided to search for images that were relevant to entertainment, I could not find an individual image that suited the purpose, Bright and attractive but not too distracting from the information that would be placed on top of it.  I found two images that on their own did not suffice, however when combined in photoshop using a blend mode (Soft Light) they were perfect for my requirements.


Using soft light on the image containing white and notes on top of the orange image worked perfectly, it retained the bright orange colour but added some interest with the added notes.

A photograph of the artist was made available to me and so I wanted to add this to the slide again adding interest to the overall image.

The image sent was a standard 6X4 style promotional picture. I decided to use a layer mask with a soft brush and a low flow to paint the image in where I wanted it to show through. Setting the mask to black I then painted white to reveal the face of the artist, using the soft brush also helped blend the portrait in to the background around the edges making a more pleasing composite.







Placing the edited portrait to the right of frame this left me some dead space for the text. Having done some research on (they have a great class on fonts) I had learned that you should limit the number of fonts you use, I used two Serif fonts, Elephant and Bernard MT Condensed. I liked the boldness of Bernard juxtaposed with the clear elegance of Elephant and felt they complemented each other quite well.

The text was added to the slide and spaced to give the date and the artist’s name priority with supporting information at a slightly reduced point size. The client liked the design and I decided to keep the format for subsequent events so the customers would become familiar with the design and recognise it as an advertisement for entertainment.






Here are a few more finished images using the same basic design.