Cutting out, blending and layers

On the 11th November 2016, I was providing my DJ and photography services for an RBL Poppy Gala Ball. On the fly, I decided to make a quick holding slide in Photoshop using some of the techniques learned over the past few weeks in Graphic design. I have a subscription to so headed there on my laptop connected to the internet via my mobile phone.

I downloaded these three images.

A wooden cross on a hill at sunset
A wooden cross on a hill at sunset
Soldier in silhouette
Poppy flowers against the sky
Poppy flowers against the sky

I decided I only wanted the silhouette of the soldier so using the quick selection tool I cut out the soldier I used Ctrl + Shift + I to inverse my selection then Ctrl + x to remove the background. This gave me the image of the soldier but I still had the sun flair on his arm and shoulder which I did not want. After a little lateral thinking, I realised that I could change the exposure of the image to -20.00 which would remove the flair

Cut out soldier but still had sun flair

Once I had adjusted the exposure the image looked like this.

Image with -20.00 exposure

I then dragged this image over on to the image of the poppies, so creating a new layer, enlarged the size of the soldier using transform and adjusted the opacity to 72%


Next, a dragged the image of the cross on to the composition, I experimented with various blending modes and found soft light to be a very nice mix of both the images. I also moved the cross over to the right a little to help space the image a little better.


As it was a Royal British Legion event I thought I would look for a logo to possibly add to the composite, I found this image on Google Images.


I decided using the same technique as for the soldier above to cut out the required parts of the image.


I then added this to the composite, I also moved the cross to better fit the image giving some separation between the other components. This was the image I then exported as a JPG and displayed on my screen for the evening.



This was a great little exercise as it confirmed I understood how to use, many of the basic tools in Photoshop, such as Open, Crop, Transform, Layers, Masking, Selecting and blending. The experience gained in this little project will help me to prepare images for my main graphics project.