Fashion Photographer Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber is a controversial American fashion photographer who is also an occasional filmmaker, much of his work exhibits sexual stereotyping as well as cross-gender imagery. He embarked on his career studying theater before choosing to major in film at New York University. He cited his mentor as the photographer Diane Arbus. Weber likes to push the boundaries and at times has got pretty close to the line between art and pornography. He predominantly shoots in black & white and still prefers to use film over digital acquisition.

His career has spanned almost five decades and he has photographed the likes of Kate Moss, Jane Goodall and David Bowie. in the 1990s he worked on a video for the Petshop boys that contained male and female nudity and so was banned from being played on MTV.

Looking at Webers work you might be forgiven for thinking that he is gay as he predominantly photographs young men in different states of undress, however, Weber has been married to Nan Bush his manager and collaborator for over four decades.

He is best known for his softcore images for Calvin Klein Jeans or Abercrombie & Fitch. Weber’s photographs have also appeared in Interview, Vanity Fair, GQ, and Rolling Stone. His client list includes Cartier, Celine, Chanel, Coty, and Christian Dior. He has shot album covers for Ricky Martin, Dr. John, and Diana Krall. (Rutledge, 2017)

“Bruce Weber life can be traced by his images but the man behind the camera lens is just as interesting as the intelligent and beautiful images he produces. Weber has created some of the most indelible images of the fashion industry and through his Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren campaigns, can single handedly claim credit for creating the image of the youthful and carefree All-American beauty that has embedded itself in everyone’s consciousness forever. Yet, from his film work to his character studies of everyone from Rickson Gracie to Jane Goodall to Kate Moss, Weber reveals depths of thought and a unique sensitivity”. (Li, 2017)

Some of his work.



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