Gearing up

The Ultimate Portrait Lens

There are two reasons I purchased this lens, The first is for my wedding and portrait work,and the second is for video work. 

For both disiplines this lens excels primarily because of its wide aperture of F1.4 and because it has been proven that 85mm is the most flattering focal length for portraits. 

Delivering the ultimate in creative expression, the new Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art lens is engineered to support the highest resolution sensors on the market with an exceptional degree of sharpness. The high-performance optical system is purpose-built by Sigma R&D to produce the attractive bokeh effect sought after by discerning photographers. The lens’ advanced architecture features two SLD (special low dispersion) glass elements and one glass element with a high rate of anomalous partial dispersion and refraction. A re-engineered AF system brings 1.3X the torque of its predecessor, while other features such as a full-time manual focus override have been added, which can be controlled when the focus ring is rotated, even during continuous AF (Sawh, 2018).

GoPro Hero 5 Black

I purchased this action camera second hand as it might prove useful for shots where a standard DSLR might not be viable. 

I have the intention of getting some shots for my music video from under or just on the surface of water. 

The camera shoot up to 4K resolution at 30fps, but to be able to use the video stabilization function the highest resolution is 2.7K. 

I already own some LED lighting but they are mains powered and wanted something I could use on location with batteries. 

Youngnuo YN300 III

I was not sure how bright battery powered LEDs would be so I purchased the Youngnuo YN300 III.

Costing just under £60 I was amazed by the build quality and the amount of light this unit puts out. I have selected the 5500-Kelvin version as much of what I hope to do will be outside, though I can always CTO it should the need arise.

It does not ship with a battery but it accepts the Sony NP range like many other lights and field monitors do. 

With its portability, weight and size this would be ideal for a vlogger or some one who records interviews on the hoof. 

Yongnuo YN300 III is formed by 300 lamp beads with extra-large luminous area. At the same energy consumption, the luminous intensity of the lamp beads of YN300 III is higher.

YN300 III adopts proprietary LED driving technology which does great help to avoid corrugation and stroboscopic flash. It also adopts encoder digital dimming system which helps to make accurate and reliable dimming.

YN300 III is equipped with 8 channel grouping function and battery capacity testing function. And, it also supports remote controlling with remote controller, wireless controlling with mobile phone and group controlling the luminous intensity of YN300 III etc.
The main difference between YN300 III and YN300II is that YN300 III supports mobile phone remote controlling (Light, 2018).

Godox LED500

After my foray with the YN300 I decided to get something that could throw a little more light on to the subject. Again trying to keep the budget down a little but still wanting something worthwhile, my investigations lead me to the Godox LED500.

For the money, around £130, this lamp really is a bargain as with the Youngnuo above both lights are rated with a CRI of 95+ and the Godox is also 5500K. To the rear, it has two battery compartments that again takes the Sony NP style cells.

Motion Sensor Remote Control With Follow Focus

As add addition to the Crane 2 I have purchased the C2 Motion Sensor Remote Control.

This will be useful for positioning the camera in hard to reach locations and still be able to control the camera and gimbal. 

The unit not only controls. pan, tilt and roll of the gimbal but can also change settings on the camera such as F stop and ISO, plus, it also has the ability to pull focus using the follow focus knob. The only thing this unit is not able to do is zoom the lens which would have been an added bonus.

It is my intention to use this with my Canon 5D MK4 linked via wifi to my phone so that I can monitor the image the camera is showing while I use the remote to move the gimbal. 

Crane Dual-Hand Handles

The Crane 2 is a single handed gimbal but they sell an add on that gives you dual handle operation so giving you even more stability and control when moving the gimbal by hand. 

The Crane Dual-Handel Handel’s also provide useful mounting points for the attachments of ancillary equipment such as a field monitor and or a microphone. 


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