Graphics – Blending images in Photoshop


He then asked us to blend together a few pictures to make a single image.



Screen clipping of my final image



Justin said to think of a theme and build an image based on that theme, my first thought was flight and so using my subscription with Graphic stock I searched for airplane. I found this image.


Screen clipping Turbine of Airplane


I then wanted to merge it with some clouds and found this image.


Screen clipping Clouds


I placed the two images on top of each other, using layers in Photoshop.


Screen clipping combination of two images


The top image was the clouds and the lower image was the jet engine, I then reduced the top layers opacity to 55% which I feel gave me a pleasing mix of the engine and the clouds overlaying it. I then started thinking about other forms or modes of flight and decided to search for a bird, I found this image.


Screen clipping of a bird


I liked this images at it seemed like it would fit perfectly on my image on the right hand side where not a lot was happening in my image.


Screen clipping compilation of three images


I placed the bird layer between the jet engine and the clouds, using a layer mask on the cloud layer I painted out some of the image covering the bird to allow more colour to come through.


I then thought maybe I should find even more forms of flight, I had a jet engine from current aviation so why not try to find one of the very first planes, I searched for the Wright brothers and found this image.


Screen clipping Bi-plane


Though not the Wright brother plane I liked the image and so decided to include it in my compilation.


Screen clipping compilation of four images


Again placing this layer just below the clouds layer and using some masking I feel I got a nice mix of images. Then I thought how about a flying insect.


Screen clipping Digital Dragonfly


I found this image of a  digital rendered dragonfly, dropping the opacity of it I placed it over the lower portion of the jet engine. In hindsight I do not like this final addition to my image and wish I had taken the time to find a better image of a flying insect.


Screen clipping of my final image