Graphics Project 111 pt 2 Promotion

I have purchased the domain and built a website for my client.

Using a mobile phone picture I took of the outside of the venue then using photoshop manipulation produced this logo

I can change the logo colour instantly in Photoshop the image above is used for everything except the website. The graphic below is used for the header on the webpage, for conformity I had to crop it so decided to make it a slightly different colour also.

The logo will tie all of the components together and will identify the brand instantly.

The venue provides live entertainment and the client wanted a poster that he could write on to advertise upcoming events currently he makes his own, here are a couple of his examples.


Again using photoshop I have produced an A3 poster that the client can print himself (if he has an A3 printer) or send to a printer for bulk printing.

The client also has a large TV screen in the venue, I suggested he use it as a marketing tool and have produced a few slides for him to show on the screen. It is a smart TV and can show a slide show of Jpg images from a USB memory stick so this is very easy and straight forward to do. Below are a handful of slides that I have produced for him.


Business cards are also a requirement.

As the venue is located on a holiday camp then why not have some merchandise


On Monday 30th January I went to the venue to collect some professional photographs for the web side, I have edited some and here are a selection.


I also have designed other websites for different parts of my own business for example

As this is a site aimed at parents of small children I decided to use a cartoon theme with an animated sky and a rabbit with a twitching nose.

Another of my sites is

As this is aimed at a narrow audience ie brides and grooms I wanted a simple layout with large images to show off the photography with minimal text explaining the services provided.

Click here for a link to a word document transcript between the client and myself.