Johnny Cash

Image Icon Three Johnny Cash

Known as the man in black this was taken during one of his live concerts in the 1970s. Cash almost always dressed in black. He saw it as a good luck charm as he wore a black tee shirt and jeans on his first gig. He never performed in any other colour.







Let’s zoom in to look close at the image and try to work out the lighting used.

This image was taken on a stage in the early 1970’s so would have been lit by something like a single high power fresnel light. You can see this from the circular pattern on Cash and the hard shadow his left arm casts on his chest.

Here is a diagram of how I envisaged the lighting set up.

My take on the Johnny Cash Picture

Shot in a dark room with a black backdrop and a single bare strobe camera right as high as I could get it safely. Camera used was a 6D with a 24.105 lens settings were 28mm 1/80 ISO 100 F6.3. Once captured and imported into Lightroom I used the Radial Filter to surround the model then took down the exposure and the highlights to reproduce the circle cast by a stage lamp. I then converted it to black and white and pumped the contrast up to give it more edge. I then imported the image into Photoshop and, using the crop tool, I expanded the canvas size and filled the resultant area with black.

Below is the image unedited direct from the camera.