Linda Wisdom

Looking for my third street photographer I went through a load of different names using different styles and approaches to the genre. I wanted someone whose work was interesting to me and fired my interest. While looking through mostly American male photographers, I came upon the name Linda Wisdom. A little known young lady from London.

She got started using a borrowed DSLR back in 2009. S,he said she had always been a people watcher and although having never planned on being a photographer found it an extension to her interest in people watching and sociology (Goodden, 2014).

Her original work was very much portraiture style street photography but she has developed into a very stylised street photographer very often creatively using natural light and shadow or symmetry to draw the viewer in.

The first picture I saw of hers was this one. What I liked about it was the use of hats and, in a Bresson style, captured the moment and used the rule of odds. The word or object of a hat appears in the picture three times.

In 2012 she wanted to join a London based street photography group but, failing to find one, she set up her own. She used an online format called Using meetup she organises meets for local photographers which include workshops, photo walks, day trips and visiting photo exhibitions. To date Linda has organised over 90 events with the group membership being in excess of sixteen thousand.

She makes a living by selling her prints and working for private and commercial clients.




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