May Day Monday Bank holiday

The Wolseley centre Staffordshire

With the sun deciding to finally show I used the Monday bank holiday as an excuse to finally try out my Crane 2 gimbal and my Neweer slider. 

I went along to a Wildfowl trust Called the Wolseley Centre which is near Rudgeley in Staffordshire.

The above video was filmed on my Canon 5D Mk4 using a Canon 17-40 F4.0 L USM lens. I recorded various shots on a tripod, using my gimbal and finally using the slider. 

I then edited the footage using Premier CC, and the music was taken from

Overall I am quite happy with the final project and can see how the slider can add something to a shot, I especially like the reveal towards the start of the video where we slide from behind a tree trunk to reveal children playing in the brook towards the back of the frame. 

During the editing process, I made a couple of errors where I did not set my frame rate correctly and this can be seen in a couple of the shots as they look juddery (if that is a word). I need to make a note on location of what frame rate I intend to use in post-production and adjust accordingly. 

This was a very useful exercise as I learnt so much about using the devices listed above.


I have re edited the video to remove the obvious mistakes that I made, I intended to keep the old video for reference but YouTube would not allow me to upload the new file unless I deleted the old one, so the above video is now the re-edited version.