Portfolio critique A3 Images

The following images are printed in my portfolio as A3. I wanted to do this as I think these images deserve a larger viewing area as an A3 image is more immersive and gives the viewer a chance to notice more of the detail contained therein.

Canon EOS 50E Lens 24-105 L  –  F4 1/125th Fuji Film ISO400

Nik Andrews. The workshop. 10th November 2016

Shot on Fuji colour film (yes this image is in colour) on a visit to the Black Country Living Museum.  A Sunbeam car parked in a workshop. One can only wonder what trips this amazing car had taken throughout its life, trips to the city or taking a family on holidays.

I personally think that this image is one of the best photographs I have ever taken. The natural afternoon lighting further coloured by the untreated wooden interior of the workshop give it a natural sepia look. I wanted a narrow DOF so F4 was used. The film rating is 400 so I used the shutter speed to balance the exposure of the image.

I love how the background is blurred but there is still enough detail to provide the viewer with some geography. The close up of the headlamp and the decal on the radiator grill slowly softening to the near side mounted spare tyre give the image enough information to spark the imagination of the viewer.

Canon 6D EF70-200 L F2.8 Lens F6.3 1/1250th ISO 3200

Nik Andrews. Focused. 2nd September 2016

A mixture of power and grace, this eagle is focused on one thing, the food in its keeper’s hand.

I tracked this bird from its starting position on a post on the other side of the arena and captured this just at the point where the bird is going into strike its prey.

Being an overcast day and with fast moving objects I needed a reasonable shutter speed and a decent DOF to give me a decent chance of getting the bird clean sharp and frozen in time. I set my ISO to 3200 and my aperture to f6.3 this gave me a shutter speed of 1/1250, which as can be seen by the image was fast enough to halt time.

A negative point to the image is the background, it is a little cluttered and takes the focus away somewhat from the bird.

Canon 400D EF-s 18-55 Lens F3.5 1/200th ISO 100

Nik Andrews. Fog on the cut. 19th October 2007


Another shot taken with my first camera, a Canon 400D along with a kit lens and an eight point star filter. Early morning shot taken into the sun with fog still rising from the cold water into the warming air of a new day. The towpath and the tunnel lead the viewer out on to the open body of the canal where three ducks are taking their first paddle of the day.

Originally shot in colour, I decided that black & white would make a good treatment for this image as the subject is tied to a bygone day of working barges and boat people.

The camera settings are quite interesting compared to what I might shoot today, 1/200 sec and F3.5 on a landscape? ISO 100 I can understand as anything much above 100 on the 400D was not of much use. Shot on the wide end of the lens the aperture actually has not affected the DOF detrimentally though as a good distance into the photograph is still in focus.

Canon EOS 50E Lens 24-105 L  –  F5.6 1/125th HP5 ISO400

Nik Andrews. 1880. 20th October 2016

Standing proudly in our city park since 1880, this fine victorian bridge spans the link between two lakes.

Shot on a cloudy overcast day and with the limitation of being on ISO400 film I had to balance out the DOF required with a safe handheld shutter speed. F5.6 and 1/125 got me what I needed a camera shake free image with a reasonable depth of field.

I have photographed from this bridge many times but realised on this outing I had never photographed the structure itself. This has now been remedied.

I think the image actually looks better in black and white than colour because, due to the time of year, most of the foliage was dead or well on its way.

Interesting to note that many of the trees are running off at an angle whereas the verticals of the bridge are perfectly vertical.


Canon 7D Lens 18-50mm  –  F11 1/1600th ISO200

Nik Andrews. A bridge too far. 3rd June 2013

In 2013 I owned a 7D, which is not ideal for landscapes due to the ASP-C crop factor on the lens so making my 18mm a 29mm. That said I think I managed to get a pleasing image here and it is the bridge that helps.  It gives some sense of scale to the whole image.

The three elements of a good photo are present in this image with a bush in the foreground the bridge in the middle ground and rolling hills and nice cloud structure in the background.  I took this image while the sun was behind some cloud to help remove some of the harsh shadows as this image was taken close to midday and so did not benefit from one of the golden hour periods.

Maybe a place to revisit now I have a full frame sensor and next time choose a better time of day.


Canon 6D EF 24-105 L F4.0 Lens F4 1/180th ISO 100

Nik Andrews. Down ya own end. 16th September 2016

Taken on one of my visits to the Black Country Living Museum. An outdoor natural light shot showing a period scene of an old Black Country Street. All of these buildings were moved brick by brick and caringly reconstructed here. The image has a warm summers day feel to it with bright vivid colours and interest is created by the street going off into the distance. Just what is around that corner?

Printed on A3 as this scene has a lot of interesting detail in it such as the metal hoops on the house walls waiting for the children to come play with them. One wonders if life was harder then but lived at a much slower pace than today.