Product Photographer Harold Ross

Harold Ross (1956-) is an American photographer who’s specialty is product photography.

As a young teenager, Ross purchased his first camera a GAF Instamatic, which he still owns today. Attending Maryland Institute College of Art he gained a B.F.A and taught in a college as a lecturer for several years.

Since 1979 he has been creating very distinctive work in the studio as well as on-location, instead of just lighting and taking the photograph Ross uses a technique called light painting, Using different sized lights and techniques he quite literally paints light over an object while the camera is taking a long exposure. The resultant images are amazing they have a quality no photograph obtained by usual means could reproduce. The images have a sort of mat feel to them and have an almost oil painted look to them.

“I began making photographs when I was very young because I wanted to somehow communicate how I saw things. Of course, this is what most photographers do, and probably why most photographers get into the discipline. I believe that things hold a certain beauty… and that it isn’t always obvious to the casual viewer. I try to use photography to reveal the beauty in everyday objects, and even objects that are “past their prime”, and I believe that photography is the only way to achieve this”. (Studio Photography School: Online Courses for Professional Photographers, 2017)

Harold regularly runs workshops and produces informative videos showing how he creates some of his images.

As well as producing his own work he also works for corporate clients, and has often produced work for DuPont, Acme Markets and Victaulic.

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