35MM Canon EOS 50e

The images below were taken with this camera.

A 35mm SLR that sports an EF mount, a three-point AF system, motor drive and a pop-up flash.

When I knew I would need a film camera for college I instantly knew I needed this body. The main reason being is that it accepts all of my EF lenses and the feel and functionality is much like my DSLRs. 

I really enjoy using this camera and shooting film though I only use film for personal or project work. This is because you do not have the safety net of a rear screen viewfinder as you do with a DSLR.

Using film really trains your mind and helps sharpen up your creative eye. In this digital world, we can fire off 20 shots on one subject and choose the best in post-production. However with film every press of the shutter is costing you money and using up an already limited amount of film. Add that with the fact you can not look at the image on the rear screen and you very quickly change your mindset.