Fashion Photographer Miles Aldridge

Born 1964 in London Aldrige studied at Central St. Martins and later worked as a music video director. He started his photographic career in 1993 and within six months of his first assignment was shooting covers for W Magazine.


He has a unique style, his images are very cinematic and are vivid with amazing contrasting colour a mix of pleasing yet an unnerving feel exudes from the photograph, the women in them are beautiful and made up to perfection, yet have a Stepford wives feel to them, the women are either demented or in a dream state, his work is heavily influenced by movie directors such as Derek Jarman and David Lynch  as well as the psychedelic graphic design of Alan Aldridge, his father.

‘Miles Aldridge is a director at heart. Each photograph has a very sacred pathology to every angle and obsession to detail. There is genius in the very deliberate blankness on the face of the models that enables a transference of identity. He always draws you into an arrested fetish that seems as forbidden as a little girl’s diary.’ –Marilyn Manson (, 2017)

Recent clients include Jean Paul Gaultier, Sunday Times Style Magazine, Vogue Italia, Numéro.

Some of his work

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