Project Two Fashion Shoot – Initial Ideas Through to Final Shoot

I have been commissioned by Becci who is the owner and designer of Zombunnies Designs to photograph one of her oufits. The dress is quite gothic in that it features cobweb style netting on the skirt and an embroidered ribcage motif on the vest. The outfit is augmented with some clip on skeleton hands.

Graveyard, gothic buildings, derelict, period, night, smoke.

Might need power or borrow College battery packs. I do have a generator and some constant LED lights…

Can get smoke in a can from Maplins. Having looked at reviews this stuff is no good for what I want. I do have a generator so might be able to power a smoke machine from that.

I have contacted a falconer who keeps owls and hawk. He is more than happy for me to have some of them on the set on the evening of my shoot.

Original model may not be available for the shoot so have made contacted with another, awaiting her reply.

Need to go look at some graveyards for possible locations. Have also thought White Ladies Priory could be a good location.

Possible locations

Abandoned graveyard near New Cross Hospital.

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White Ladies Priory.

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Looking around for inspiration I did a search for Goth Photography.  I came across an artist called Alan Simas from Brazil. He has produced some stunning photography combined with graphical art. His work is what I would like to emulate for my fashion shoot.

Here are a few images of his work (copyright Alan Simas

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My outfit came with some basic accessories but they look very cheap so may not use them. I have been taking a look around Amazon and Ebay and found a few items that are worthy of thought. As I have zero budget anything I buy will have to come out of my own pocket and, being as I or my wife are not Goth, they will be items we will have no further need of in the future.

Here are some of the items.

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Other ideas

I have a small generator so I am hoping to be able to use my smoke machine. Dependent on location and time of day (aiming for sunset) this should give some interesting effects and add to the overall feel of the resulting image. I have also purchased some red & white smoke pellets to try should my smoke machine prove too powerful for the generator.

Lighting wise, I will try to use my constant lights. I have three available all LED 2x 1000 watt and 1x 600 watt. I also have 4x Godox V860 Mk2 speedlight’s, and one Godox AD360 Mk2 high powered Speedlight. I also have a selection of modifiers and reflectors at hand to help control the light.

Hairdressing and makeup

I employed the services of a young lady by the name of Lisa Warwick who we know via a family friend and has worked in this area in the past. She offered her services in exchange for some copies of the images.


Karl Perry is a long-standing friend and keeps owls and hawks. I thought it would fit with the Gothic nature of the location and the design of the outfit to get some images with some of his birds. Karl is also known locally as The Owl Man and I have taken images of his birds before for his promotion material.

Day of the shoot Wednesday 15th March 2017

Sarah Jones

I had initially planned to carry out the shoot on Sunday 12th March 2017 as there would be a full moon present and, dependant on times, might have made some interesting shots. Sadly the weather was not good so I had to call it off. The next date arranged was Wednesday 15th. The weather was reported as good and everyone was available for that afternoon.

On the afternoon of the shoot, around 2 pm, Karl loaded my camera kit and two of his birds into his van and we headed off to White Ladies Priory. Helen (my wife) and Lisa were dispatched to collect Sarah, the chosen model for the shoot.

On arrival at White Ladies, we unloaded the van of camera kit and carried it down to the ruins which is about one hundred and fifty yards from the road. The weather was perfect. Karl returned to the van to collect the two birds.

During the planning stage, I had determined that I would use my constant lights, a smoke machine, four Godox V860 speedlights, one generator and a Godox AD360 high powered Speedlight with small octobox that doubles as a soft box and a beauty dish. All this plus my camera kit was present at the site but, in reality, I used the AD360 with the softbox and one V860.

My model, wife, and hairdresser arrived on location just before 3.30 pm and, after an initial chat, finishing touches made to hair and makeup.  Then we pressed on with the shoot.  I knew I wanted to use high-speed sync to under expose the surroundings then use the AD360 to correctly expose the model. I decided this technique would draw the viewer into the outfit as it would pop from the image and give a fashion magazine feel to it.

I think I achieved what I set out to do and I hope Becci the designer is pleased with the images I have created for her.

Behind the scenes images

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My final images

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The Images I will be handing to Becci

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The images will be delivered on a DVD Rom, I will include three folders, High Resolution, Low Resolution and High Resolution with logo. The last folder will include the images with the Zombunnie Designs logo in the lower right corner as a watermark.

Model release form.

I have also designed a label for the DVD