Final video and evaluation

- Where we left off.

This is the final edit of the video that was handed over to the client and will be shown at the HND end of year show at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery on the 21st June 2018

As I have been working in the medium of video for my FMP I though I should do my evaluation also as a video so I could talk about different aspects of the day, techniques and kit used along with a breakdown of parts of the video and my reasons for the final outcome. 


I have included this video as it was part of my research, and shows some of the considered locations for the video. 

Due to the importance of social media I have added a cut down edit of 30 seconds that has been uploaded to Instagram and twitter. 

Additional From the drone

Exif: 1/60th sec F3.5 8.8mm ISO 100

As an extra piece I would like to get this image printed A1 or larger to go in the art gallery subject to their being a space available, possibly by the entrance to the room.

This is an photograph of the northwest area of West Park taken with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone. 

Captured last Autumn you can see some of the trees transitioning from their summer foliage to their winter plumes.

 What is also prevalent in this image is the fact that this tiny oasis is surrounded by urban conurbation, our little bit of green in a concrete jungle.

The image was captured at 11:30am on 29th October 2017


The music video was entered into an American country music awards competition and won Gold for Music Video of the Year award.