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Jennie Scott

Jennie is a London based photographer who specialises in headshots for Actors, she is a founding member of APHP (The Association of Professional Headshot Photographers).

She specialised in headshots because of her background as a producer, actor, director and a casting agent. She noticed a need for a quality image for actors.  Jennie seems to generally shoot on location and uses natural light and a narrow DOF (depth of field) to only show a hint of location. She seems to favour a canal bridge where she can place the actor in the entrance to the bridge giving them some shade from direct light. This produces a nice soft even light around the face and, with the light fall off in the tunnel, this gives a very pleasing effect indeed. It draws the viewer’s eye to its intended potition in the image, the actors face. Her images are sharp where they should be and there is a beautiful bokeh around them. She prefers colour images to black and white. She has been a professional photographer since January 2011

In her own words.

“Throughout the experience I gathered over the years, I came across a lot of actor headshots. I set up Jennie Scott Photography in direct response to the growing need for actors to commit to a strong commercial branding. It is striking how the style of British headshots has changed over the years. Recently, a more States-style actor headshot has taken over the traditional, or classical, black and white image. Photography is changing, colour shots are breaking through into Spotlight and agent websites, and with the growth of tv work, commercials, independent film, idents and virals, a more commercial, contemporary image is needed to reflect a changing industry”.  (Jennie Scott Photography, 2017)

Selection of Jennie’s work.


Media & Links

Website https://www.jenniescottphotography.co.uk

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennie-scott-87379a54/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jenniescottphotography/



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