HND Photography Stock Locations


My intial thoughts were not to only get shots of famous landmarks but go for the everyday items that a blog might need such as Street signs, Buildings, Streets, Features, etc. 

Most blogs tend to use images that are of a more non descript nature unless they are talking about a specific place or building with in the town, city, or village. 

I used Google maps to choose vantage points, find parking areas and as I had decided to do some drone photography some open spaces to beable to set up, takeoff, and land. 

Shooting for stock photographs is quite a strange exersize as you do not know beforehand what might be required, anything from a bin for dog waste to a beautiful church might be needed or even a no entry sign. 

I have visited most of the locations mentioned in the brief and captured some images but concentrated my efforts on Bridgnorth & Telford. For some reason I misread the brief and went to Shrewsbury instead of Newtown, I have included the Shrewsbury shots as a bonus for the client as it is still based in their geographical area.

I did make the trip to Newtown but with bad weather and problems parking did not capture any images on the day. 

I have learned from this exercise that although stock photography sounds easy, walk around and capture some images, it is not that simple.  You need to spend a long time in just one area and for want of a better phrase shoot it to death. To really do each area justice you would need to devote a few days to each area, especially somewhere like Telford that other than the town centre is scattered far and wide. From the housing estates of Brookside to the industrial sites such as Stafford Park.