Ideas for alternative Kingsford designs

Using Adobe Illustrator I decided to create some alternative logo designs. First I drew a mind map to expand my ideas. I broke the word into two, Kings and Ford. The Kings part was quite easy.  I instantly thought of knights, King Arthur, heraldry etc. Ford was a little limiting and the only link I could think of that would fit was water.

With this I decided to experiment with images in Illustrator, taking an original image and using parts of it in my new design. The six images below show the progression from the original graphic acquired from and how I transformed it into my own usable graphic.






The crown in the above design was made by tracing around this image 

Although I have never used Illustrator before, I found I adapted to it quite easily as there are many similarities to photoshop. However, with Illustrator you create Vector Graphics which means they can be reduced or enlarged with no loss of quality.

In short, a vector graphic is a mathematical set of lines and paths that only specific computer programs can produce (such as Illustrator). Because it is not pixel based as in raster style graphics, a vector can be enlarged and reduced and always maintain a clear and defined structure.

Below are a few more of my designs created in exactly the same way as the shield above.