Jo Brand

Image Icon Two Jo Brand

Jo Brand (1957 -), a female Comedian, actress, and writer from Wandsworth London.

Let’s zoom in to look close at the image and try to work out the lighting used.

Photographed in a high key style with a softbox camera left about 30 to 40 degrees and quite high giving almost a Rembrandt lighting style. The softbox was quite close as the light fall off from camera left to right is quite high. Her right ear is almost burnt out yet the light under her left eye exposed about right. The image is also quite contrasty and orange in hue. Although not the most flattering of pictures this is currently used as one of her promotional pictures (Click here to see an example).

Here is a diagram of how I envisaged the lighting set up.

My take on the Brand picture

Using my two Bowens studio strobes I lit the white backdrop with a setting of 1/4 to give me a blown out white backdrop. I then used my Godox 360 with its softbox to light camera left and close to the models face. I set this to 1/8th power as it was very close so did not need too much of a pop to get the desired effect. I think Jo was tilted forward more than my model and obviously narrower in the shoulder. Camera used was a 6D with a 24.105 lens settings were 65mm 1/80 ISO 100 F9.0. I edited the image first in lightroom to get the tone of the image to match the original and then exported to Photoshop where I used content aware fill to remove the edge of the soft box and Liquefy to adjust the shape of the face to match the original a little more. I saved back to Lightroom where I cropped to match the original.

Below is the image unedited direct from the camera.