Landscape Film Photographer Steve O’Nions

Steve is not a famous photographer even in the social media circles. For example, Thomas Heaton, whose work I have also looked at, and admire greatly has at this moment 131,453 subscribers on his youtube channel whereas Steve has 853. Heaton’s videos are crafted and polished full production piece and Steve’s have some production but are not as polished. So why did I decide to look at this guys work? Because he uses film and his images are amazing. As well as digital he uses medium format (BronIca SQA) and a large format camera to produce his images. He also experiments with Lith printing and infrared techniques.

Other than a Flikr page a Youtube page and a very basic website there’s not much about him online, even his about page has very basic information.

My name is Steve O’Nions and I am a keen amateur photographer specialising in landscapes.  I live in North West England where I am fortunate to have the wonderful scenery of the Lake District and Snowdonia only an hour and a half away. (“About – Steve O’nions Photography”)

I guess he likes to let his work do the talking.


Below are a few of his videos.



At the end of one of his videos he has provided some other details, Email is and his twitter account is @steve_onions


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