Project 1 Photo Scavenger Hunt


This photographic scavenger hunt is designed to help you start thinking about photography creatively.
Each photo is worth 10 points. The team with the most points at the end will win a prize. remember to try and be as creative as possible, you can interpret the words anyway you feel necessary……… can you get them all?

My thoughts are in red followed by potential images.

1. Good Morning: Just give us a view of your morning. Is it hectic or relaxed, involve work, commutes, playtime, breakfast? What’s going on for you in the morning?

Shot at the brook coffee house.

_mg_6787 _mg_6801-edit


2. Selfie: photograph your group from arm’s length

Hold a picture of my fave group (The Shine) and take a picture of it. Or I have a picture of me with Chicken pox. (A group of spots)….

3. Headshot: Just from the neck up for this one. Try for a living human subject, whether yourself or someone else. If you can find a model willing to pose for you, great.

Photograph of guest at wedding taken last Monday

14543650_10210710864758088_3094000288572616917_o www-specialistweddingdj-co-uk



4. Landscapes/Nature/Trees: you can try a park or just the nearby grounds. A tree MUST be included somewhere in your picture.

Photograph of guest at wedding taken last Monday

1398459_10151978061188911_1703309941_o 13880331_10154329021453911_2693845712769789044_n 14138719_10154394327223911_1158549917542226866_o



5. Hands: Yup, that’s it.

Hmmm hands on a clock? What else has hands?

1979943_10152227856623911_1173977818_o 10547885_10152961819103911_5644414626214072812_o 11039712_10153047933533911_2882903914516156391_o



6. Contrasting colour relationships: i.e red-green OR orange-blue OR yellow-violet

I have some banger racing flags they are colorful. 

15577914388_6668471c3d_o 178426_10152159847058911_19874452_o 1781577_10152227858138911_569983956_o 1799216_10152159904458911_1362480678_o



7. From a High Angle: Take your shot from above!

I have some pictures taken from an airplane when Samuel was flying?

13103480_10154044531923911_2459502892845202795_n  nik-andrews-photography-1 samuel_plane_002 samuel_plane_014 samuel_plane_017



8. From a Low angle: Take your shot from below!

Picture of the sky or moon? You can’t get much lower angle than that. Clever or is that cheating?

13576802_10154226840623911_4266711499828446925_o 13582189_10154226841118911_1278601987310634184_o the-moon 15337299839_6d779547b5_o 430106_10151594201198911_25987480_n



9. Photograph just a portion of someone’s face

Could this be a portion of someone’s watch face? My dad’s watch on his wrist?

1537789_10152054302203911_1879428276_o 12891775_10153938329248911_4547118328447471663_o _mg_6780-edit



10. Photograph a moving object in order to freeze motion (Think faster shutter speed or sports mode)

Initial idea, hair being blown by a fan but the shutter speed freezes the motion of the fan blades

1796930_10153061501863911_3850357891915006481_o 14138871_10154408209813911_653462866810029959_o 14124875_10154401142588911_2225129151185475760_o



11. Photograph movement but blur the action (slower shutter)

Dancers blurred but room solid (disco pic)

Change of idea. Thinking I might get Helen to stand still but shake her head so it is blured….

Ohhh I do have a picture of a speed camera with a truck moving passed it blurred, could be an idea?

10985056_10153061511848911_7856173519690534929_o 14207756_10154401141823911_52296924649392519_o light-trails-003 nik-andrews-photography-0634 speed-camera _mg_6934 _mg_6943 _mg_6949 _mg_6956



12. An Animal: Easy…. Right?

One of Willow, but that is too simple!!!

10700556_10152677097708911_5934981743704460499_o 13063130_10154027585803911_695768942791943939_o 13082648_10154085916868911_5265669059871582150_n 13934581_10154329005373911_5391587284021362886_n 14114925_10154401141453911_4302553254260063094_o nik-andrews-photography-0525 nik-andrews-photography-0537



13. A Bad Habit: We all have them, so get us a great one!

Hmm does not have to be my bad habit…

13055302_10154044498158911_7182386866343647988_n 20140709_122906



14. Reflection: Where can you find reflections?

Love reflections, I did a project on them so should have that shot sorted.

1264197_10151859045803911_1674570699_o 1397691_10151918371713911_1830937804_o 1412216_10151915972383911_1984121812_o 1523636_10152154751363911_1802677489_o 14355765_10154461125438911_9157360616573916495_n 1618071_10152218624098911_1628753601_o
15. Beauty: it’s in the eye of the beholder so this one might need a shot from every group member.

Struggling with this one! Obvious one would be Helen… But hmmm what about a picture of Claudia the Python?

11205046_10153643168493911_7701737569138052600_n11838991_10153437387303911_3866894077376222291_o  12208367_10153647970843911_8961897309406579695_n



16. Eyes: However you see it.

Hmm plural, was thinking cat’s eyes in road, or

potato skin eyes.

1795205_10152258283263911_1460834879_o 13164455_10154068745263911_2692167491328057410_n 13179166_10154068740358911_4458237778461110798_n 13902702_10154329004888911_9154021310715834751_n



17. Shoes: Some of us are obsessed with these.

Other kinds of shoes? Break shoes on a car, horse

shoes (too obvious), How about shoes on a statue? Man on horse?

13199111_10209436119728287_156488182_o _mg_6884



18. Broken: This can be an item, a feeling, or an event.

Hmmm? I have a picture of a baby Jamie just about to cry, broken or breaking down.

I also have a picture taken on my phone of my vehicle being recovered by the RAC.

325597_3102802537388_2145096083_o 11215142_10153654446208911_7874607645421498330_n 10012009075



19. Technology: Must be something nifty

Canon 50mm lens known as the Nifty fifty








20. Shadow: Play with light find a good one.

Possibly the footballer shot from Friday gig… I have a nice shot of a coin casting a shadow.

11050798_10153061507303911_1107358174030549656_o prince-albert-silhouette shadow synonym



21. Faceless Self-Portrait: Keep it clean people!

Reflection of me taking a picture of me (camera obscures my face).




22. Food: All things yummy!

OK a bit emotive but a shot of some pigs. Bacon right?

13151567_10154094165353911_3825968781874146045_n _mg_6817



23. Make a colour photo lacking colour. Trick us into thinking that we’re looking at a black and white photo (but don’t go for that black & white mode)

Possibly a pedestrian crossing?

24291102391_544d90b0fb_o 4137182516_8409d4a30a_o



24. Fierce: Attitude is a state of mind.

Ah this one stumped me for a while, I did not want to go

for the angry lion shot. So how about fierce competition?

4134692262_321b49f9c0_o 15524216765_373dc8d547_o 15578192498_2f6059d859_o 15578816830_1f3de31613_o 15761713201_a0b05b1e68_o roar



25. Yourself with 13 Things: However you want!

Maybe the word Thing printed out 13 times and the

word yourself.




26. Old: This one explains itself.

Something from the BCLM?

14391001_10154451292448911_2566161521997577749_n 4134501006_223c6a2aa5_o 14138074_10154394326508911_5284500174853819017_o nik-andrews-photography-6307



27. Close-Up: Practice your Macro Photography!

Macro of a bee on a flower.

13901381_10154329029538911_5600463345808150954_n 13906631_10154331186308911_5178155014322072348_n cu2-flower-head



28. Construction: You can stage it if you have to.

Could this be a picture of my son? I helped to construct him?

Check out the meaning of the word construction, find a link

To something else?

12274324_10153652905003911_6926898955431089888_n 20130730_202634 20130731_130138 web-002 the-spinster 1425457_10151976166588911_1236079198_o

Wow this was a challenge, but fun at the same time, I wanted to not always go for the obvious and tried to think out side of the box as much as I could. Due to time constraints and not being able to travel to Hawaii to capture a massive wave for the fierce category for example I sometimes had to go with a more obvious candidate. Some of the images were from my own back catalogue and others were obtained specifically for this project.

PowerPoint of final images