The 2017 Photography Show

On Tuesday 21st March (student day) I went along to the Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham, This is the second time I have attended the photography show, the first time being 2015 (trade day).

The first time I attended in 2015 I felt it was too crowded and left after about an hour of being there as I could not get to see or hear anything, this time, however, the visitor level was a lot lower so I could walk around and get to see the displays and sit and take in some of the presentations.

There are many areas of photography and it’s relevant subsidiaries present at the show so there was indeed something for everyone and all tastes and styles.

The good thing about visiting the show is that it gave me some great ideas for the future from mounting images to choosing different papers for printing on. I also enjoyed taking a look at the Canon 5D Mk4 and the amazing Canon 1Dx Mk2, I hope to own one of those in the future.

I purchased a few things from the show, Some comedy signs from Silly Jokes Photobooth Props, a Lensbaby lens (the sweet spot 35), and a Tether tools pro USB cable and Jerk stopper.

One other item I was very interested in was the Kodak Ektra, a new mobile phone that has an amazing camera on it along with 4K video and running on the Android system. I am in the market for a new smartphone so this is a contender in the future.

During my time there I collected hundreds of leaflets, magazines, and brochures which I will go through over the next few weeks and also keep as a reference library of ideas for future projects.

I could have spent a lot more money given the chance but came away happy with my purchases and what I had learned at the show. Looking forward to The Photography Show 2018.

Some scans of a handful of the leaflets I collected.

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